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Urso and/or equivalents
Uroxatral and/or equivalents
(Alfuzosin ER)
Urocit K and/or equivalents
(Potassium Citrate)
Uristix Strips and/or equivalents
(reagent strips)
Urispas and/or equivalents
Urecholine and/or equivalents
Univasc and/or equivalents
Uniretic and/or equivalents
Uniphyl and/or equivalents
Unimax and/or equivalents
Ultravist and/or equivalents
Ultravate and/or equivalents
Ultrase MT 12 and/or equivalents
(Digestive Enzymes)
Uloric and/or equivalents

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Some Formulations Offered by BestPriceRx

  • Urso: Urso or Ursodiol is a type of bile acid that helps in bringing down the cholesterol produced by the liver and subsequently absorbed by the intestines. It is a compound that helps in disintegrating the cholesterol that gets built up in bile stones. However, calcified gallstones cannot be treated by it. It is prescribed to those with gallstones who cannot go in for surgery. They are also prescribed in patients suffering from billiary cirrhosis.
  • Uroxatral: The drug belongs to a group of alpha-adrenergic blockers. Uroxatral helps by relaxing the muscles governing the movement of the bladder neck as well as the prostrate, making urination easier. It is prescribed to men suffering from benign prostrate hyperplasia or enlarged prostate organ, who might find it difficult to urinate.

Other medications offered across this platform include Urocit K, Urispas, Urecholine, Uniretic, Univasc, Uniphyl, Unimax, Ultravate, Uloric and many more.

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