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Description of AeroDawg Canine Aerosol Chamber

AeroDawg Canine Aerosol Chamber is a device used for delivering metered doses of medicines to dogs. Pet owners buy AeroDawg Canine Aerosol to provide relief to pets suffering from chronic bronchitis. The drug delivered is generally a corticosteroid spray or a bronchodilator. The medication generally prescribed contains Fluticasone.

Indications & Dosage of AeroDawg Canine Aerosol Chamber

The AeroDawg Canine Aerosol Chamber is used for delivering the drug to pets suffering from asthma. Pet owners buy AeroDawg Canine Aerosol for administering the inhalant to dogs that have chronic bronchitis. The AeroDawg Canine Aerosol Chamber is also used in the case of pets with a tracheal collapse or laryngeal paralysis. The CAC is available in two sizes. A small size for pets below 20lbs, and a large size for pets above 20 lbs.

Pet owners often buy AeroDawg Canine Aerosol Chamber because dogs cannot inhale like humans from metered dose inhalers. This attachment allows pet owners to time the aerosol inhaler’s delivery to the inhalation of a pet dog. It is a simple transparent plastic attachment for the mouth of the inhaler. At the other end is a soft cup to be placed on the mouth and nose of the dog. Pets learn to get used to this with the help of their caretakers. AeroDawg Canine Aerosol Chamber is a simple device that has a short learning curve when it comes to drug administration.

AeroDawg Canine Aerosol Chamber is apt for asthma symptoms such as persistent cough and an inability to do normal exercises that are necessary for the pet’s health. The veterinarian has to be consulted if these conditions persist. The AeroDawg CAC has an indicator which allows the pet owner to count the number of inhalations taken by the pet. The inhaler system is preferred because it delivers the medicine to the lungs directly, thus reducing the side effects of the drug. The drug is generally given twice a day to dogs.

The inhaler itself is available in two strengths. One is a 220 mcg dose and the other is a 110 mcg dose. The veterinarian will prescribe the dosage according to the weight of the dog and the severity of bronchial asthma. It is usual for heavier pets to be given 220 mcg, and once there is a significant improvement in the bronchial condition of the pet, 110 mcg can be given two times a day. A single aerosol inhaler contains enough inhalant to last a month.

Side Effects & Interactions of AeroDawg Canine Aerosol Chamber

There is a concern that AeroDawg Canine Aerosol Chamber might retard the growth of dogs. This suspicion has not been substantiated. The other possible side effect is that of candidiasis.

Warnings & Precautions of AeroDawg Canine Aerosol Chamber

The veterinarian has to be told about all the drugs that the pet is being given. Any treatment that has been given for fleas and ticks should also be revealed. The pet owner should also inform the vet about any allergies the pet has. The dosage of the inhaler will be set by the veterinarian. It should not be increased or decreased without consulting the veterinarian. Care should be taken regarding the delivery of the medicine.

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