Canada Pharmacy Scam

International and Canada drugs are increasingly purchased online by patients in countries with high prescription drug prices. The high cost of prescription medications in many countries has resulted in patients being unable to afford to take medication as directed by their physicians. The lower price of medications in Canada, India, and other countries around the world provides an affordable source of medicines for many people.

International and Canadian Pharmacy Scams

There are two common scams to avoid, if you are shopping for prescription drugs online. One Canadian pharmacy scam is to advertise brand name medications at very low prices. When people place an order for what they assume will be the genuine prescription drug, they are sent counterfeit drugs and charged a premium price.

Another common Canada pharmacy online scam is to take orders, collect money, and then never send the medication at all. These websites change names frequently, as one shuts down and another opens. This is done periodically as people begin to complain about not receiving orders from a website.

Another scam involves fake internet doctors filling prescriptions without requiring a prescription from a doctor. These sites may also be selling counterfeit medications, so you won't get genuine medications, nor will you have a doctor making decisions in your best interests. Any reputable pharmacy will require a prescription from your doctor.

Avoiding International and Canadian Pharmacy Scam Websites

Ordering prescription drugs online is safe, as long as you are dealing with a reputable company. There are some signs to watch for when selecting an international or Canadian pharmacy. A reputable pharmacy or fulfillment center will require a doctor's prescription, as required by law. Untrustworthy websites will not ask for an original prescription and don't verify prescriptions before filling orders.

Look for an established pharmacy or fulfillment center, such as Best Price Rx. When dealing with any online pharmacy or prescription service, take a careful look at the website for signs that the company may be less than reputable. Legitimate websites will have information listed about accreditations on the website. In addition, look for a contact page with contact information for the company. Scam websites are often missing this information because they are not accredited and there is often no telephone number to contact the company directly.

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