Canadian Pharmacy Scam

Ordering prescription drugs online from an international or Canadian pharmacy is gaining popularity, due to the lower price of prescription medications in Canada, India, and other countries. Unfortunately, some patients remain reticent to order medications online because they are concerned about scams. In fact, there are websites claiming to offer low prices for brand name prescription medications from an international or Canada pharmacy, but end up stealing money from unsuspecting and trusting customers.

Some Common International and Canadian Pharmacy Scams

It is wise to proceed with caution to avoid falling victim to a scam and educating yourself about common scams can help. The most common Canadian pharmacy scams involve taking orders and stealing your money and charging you a premium price for your order. Often, these websites change names and pop up again somewhere else to prey on new victims. Another common Canadian pharmacy scam is to provide online prescriptions from a dubious internet doctor, rather than requiring a prescription from your own doctor.

How to Spot an International or Canadian Pharmacy Scam

There are some signs that can indicate that you are dealing with a disreputable company. Whether ordering prescription medications at your local pharmacy or online from an international fulfillment center or Canada pharmacy, you will be required to provide an original prescription from your doctor before the order is processed. Scam websites often do not verify prescriptions, since they are running a scam. One way to determine whether you are dealing with a trustworthy online prescription service is to look for information about accreditations and contact information, as these are often missing from scam websites.

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