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When evaluating an online prescription drug service, many people tend to rely on customer reviews. Often, the advice and recommendation of past customers can provide valuable insight into the service offered by a company. At Best Price Rx, we have a large number of positive customer reviews from patients purchasing prescription drugs from a Canadian pharmacy or international prescription service. However, reviews may not always be reliable, since some companies post fake reviews.

Authentic Reviews of Experiences and Orders from an International and Canada Pharmacy Online

In some cases, website owners or company employees write fake reviews to lend credibility to their online prescription drug services. Unfortunately, fake testimonials have become common in many industries, including prescription drugs from an international or Canadian pharmacy. In addition, competing businesses have been found to write negative reviews on other websites to damage the reputation of competitors.

Our Service Sets Us Apart

Rather than wasting time and energy writing fake reviews, we focus on providing superior service to our customers. At Best Price Rx, we are proud to earn our reviews the old fashioned way, by providing quality prescription medications from a Canadian pharmacy and international fulfillment centers, low prices, and efficient service.

How to Recognize Fake Reviews

When ordering prescription drugs from an international fulfillment center or Canada pharmacy, choosing a reputable company is essential. Fortunately, there are some clues that can help you spot fake reviews and testimonials. Some websites with fake reviews contain only a few testimonials, prizes may be awarded to customers for writing reviews, and ratings may be limited to only a few factors, such as the medication, rather than ratings on overall service.

Authentic Reviews from Real Customers

The reviews found on our website have been written by our customers about their experiences when ordering from an international or Canadian pharmacy through Best Price Rx. We have a wide range of reviews and our customers' testimonials are never edited. We never offer prizes or incentives, so when a customer speaks of a positive experience, you can rely on the accuracy.

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