Canadian Pharmacies

Canadian pharmacies have grown in popularity among patients in countries with higher prescription drug costs. At Best Price Rx, we contract with a Canadian pharmacy, international pharmacies and fulfillment centers to help patients find an affordable solution to the high cost of drugs in their home countries. We contract with pharmacies and fulfillment centers in countries around the world to bring our customers the best prices for the prescriptions they need.

Benefits of International and Canada Drugs

Prescription drug prices vary widely from country to country. Canada, India, and many other countries have regulations regarding prices for prescription drugs, which results in lower prices for citizens of those countries. Fortunately, patients in other countries have the opportunity to benefit from the lower prices of international and Canada drugs when they order their prescriptions online.

International and Canadian pharmacies online offer the same large selection of popular prescription medications, just like the corner pharmacy. In fact, there may be more options for brand name and generic medications when ordering online. You will find the medicines your doctor has ordered for your health online at a much lower price.

In addition to a great price, ordering from an international or Canada pharmacy online is convenient. At Best Price Rx, we have designed our website for easy online ordering. Our website is easy to navigate and you can search our inventory for your medications and place your order online for the prescription drugs you need at prices that will fit your budget.

Save Money with Medications from an International Fulfillment Center or Canadian Pharmacy with Best Price Rx

We are an online prescription service offering the best prices for a wide variety of brand name and generic prescription drugs. We contact with a Canada pharmacy,international pharmacies and fulfillment centers to provide our customers around the world with an alternative to the high prescription drug prices at their local pharmacies.

At Best Price Rx, we offer genuine prescription drugs from major drug manufacturers. When you search for a medication on our website, you will see a listing of the available brand name and generic products to help you find the prescription drugs you need at prices that will fit your budget.

Order International and Canada Drugs Online and Save Money

We make it easy to find the medications you need from an international or Canadian pharmacy. You can browse our entire website to find prescription drugs, search by the first letter of the medicine you need, or enter the name of the medication you need in the search box. View the list of results to find the strength your doctor has prescribed and the quantity you need to place your order online.

You will find that purchasing a higher quantity results in a lower price per pill. We strive to offer the best prices and buying in bulk can save even more money. This is a good idea for medications that are taken regularly, since you will enjoy a lower price and you won't have to refill the order as quickly.

When you have found the medications you need, place your order online. Because we contract with a licensed Canada pharmacy and international fulfillment center, we require an original prescription from your doctor before your order can be filled. You can send this to us by mail, fax, or email, or we can contact your doctor to request your prescription, if needed.

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