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Xyzal Oral Solution and/or equivalents
Xyzal and/or equivalents
Xyntha and/or equivalents
(Antihemophilic Factor)
Xylocaine Spray and/or equivalents
Xylocaine and/or equivalents
Xopenex HFA and/or equivalents
(Levalbuterol or Levosalbutamol)
Xopenex and/or equivalents
(Levalbuterol or Levosalbutamol)
Xigris and/or equivalents
Xifaxan and/or equivalents
Xibrom and/or equivalents
(Bromfenac Sodium)
Xenical and/or equivalents
Xeloda and/or equivalents
Xarelto and/or equivalents
Xalkori and/or equivalents
Xalatan Eye Drops and/or equivalents
Xalacom and/or equivalents

Did you know that irrespective of the price advantages generic medications bring forth, it may not actually be possible for you to procure generics at times? This could happen if you are seeking to buy a drug whose patent issuing date is still not over seven years old!

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Medications Offered by Best Price Rx

  • Xyntha: Xyntha is a formulation containing antihemophilic factor that is a natural protein that helps in clotting of blood. It is prescribed in patients suffering from hemophilia -A which is caused due to lack of antihemophilic factor. Xyntha brings about improvements by raising the levels of factor VII temporarily in blood, for aiding clotting. It is used for treating episodes of excessive bleeding in children as well as adults suffering from hemophilia- A. It is also prescribed to manage surgery or dentistry related bleeding in patients suffering from this condition. However, Xyntha is not the ideal choice for people suffering from the von Willebrand disease.
  • Xyzal: Belonging to the category of Antihistamines, xyzal reduces the effects that chemical histamines have, on the body. It can be used for managing symptoms associated with year-long allergies like runny nose, sneezing, watery eyes, itching and so on. Xyzal is also prescribed in cases of chronic urticaria in adults as well as children who are a minimum of six months of age.

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