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Hyzaar and/or equivalents
Hytrin and/or equivalents
Hyperstat Injection and/or equivalents
Hylaform and/or equivalents
Hydrochlorothiazide and/or equivalents
Hydrea and/or equivalents
Hydralazine and/or equivalents
Hydergine and/or equivalents
(Ergoloid Mesylate)
Humulin L Insulin 100U ml VIAL and/or equivalents
Humatin and/or equivalents
Horizant ER and/or equivalents
(Gabapentin Enacarbil)
Hiprex and/or equivalents
(Methenamine Hippurate)
Hibitane and/or equivalents
Herplex D and/or equivalents
Hepsera and/or equivalents
(Adefovir Dipivoxil)
Heparin Sodium and/or equivalents
(Heparin Sodium)
Hema Combistix Strips and/or equivalents
(reagent strips)
Hecoria and/or equivalents
Heartgard and/or equivalents
Halog and/or equivalents
Haldol Solution and/or equivalents
Haldol Injection and/or equivalents
Haldol Decanoate and/or equivalents
(Haloperidol Decanoate)
Haldol and/or equivalents
Habitrol and/or equivalents

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