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Rythmol SR and/or equivalents
(Propafenone ER)
Rythmol and/or equivalents
Rupafin and/or equivalents
Rubenal and/or equivalents
Rozerem and/or equivalents
Rowasa and/or equivalents
Romazicon and/or equivalents
Rogaine and/or equivalents
Rocephin and/or equivalents
(Ceftriaxone Sodium)
Rocaltrol and/or equivalents
Robinul and/or equivalents
Robaxin and/or equivalents
Robaxacet Extra Stength and/or equivalents
Robaxacet and/or equivalents
Robax Platinum and/or equivalents
Risperdal M and/or equivalents
Risperdal Liquid and/or equivalents
Risperdal Consta and/or equivalents
Risperdal and/or equivalents
Rimso Solution and/or equivalents
(dimethyl sulfoxide)
Rimadyl and/or equivalents
Rilutek and/or equivalents
Rifater and/or equivalents
Rifamate and/or equivalents
Rifadin and/or equivalents
Ridaura and/or equivalents
Rhinocort Turbuhaler and/or equivalents
Rhinocort AQ Nasal Spray and/or equivalents
Reyataz and/or equivalents
Revolution and/or equivalents
Revolizer and/or equivalents
Revia and/or equivalents
Revatio Vial and/or equivalents
Revatio and/or equivalents
Retrovir Syrup and/or equivalents
Retrovir and/or equivalents
Retisol A Cream and/or equivalents
Retin A Micro and/or equivalents
Retin A Gel and/or equivalents
Retin A Cream and/or equivalents
Retavase and/or equivalents
Restylane and/or equivalents
(Hyaluronic Acid)
Restasis and/or equivalents
Resolor and/or equivalents
Rescriptor and/or equivalents
Requip XL and/or equivalents
(Ropinirole ER)
Requip and/or equivalents
Reopro and/or equivalents
Renvela and/or equivalents
(Sevelamer Carbonate)
Renova Cream and/or equivalents
Renagel and/or equivalents
Remeron Solution and/or equivalents
Remeron RD and/or equivalents
(Mirtazapine Dispersible)
Remeron and/or equivalents
Relpax and/or equivalents
Relenza and/or equivalents
Relafen and/or equivalents
Regu Mate and/or equivalents
Reglan and/or equivalents
Refludan and/or equivalents
Redoxon and/or equivalents
Rebetol Solution and/or equivalents
(Ribavirin For Inhalation Solution)
Rebetol and/or equivalents
Razadyne ER and/or equivalents
(Galantamine ER)
Razadyne and/or equivalents
Rapamune and/or equivalents
Rapaflo and/or equivalents
Ranexa and/or equivalents
(Ranolazine ER)

Did you know that almost eight out of ten prescriptions written by physicians are for generic medications? Generic medications can be procured from a contracted Canadian pharmacy or international fulfilment centers online. Most of these online prescription services sell the traditional branded versions as well as generic versions of Canadian drugs and drugs from all across the world. Some formulations sold are mentioned here.

Drugs Sold by Best Price RX: Some Formulations Discussed

Rythmol SR: The drug is used in patients suffering from serious heart rhythm disorders. The chemical formulation alters the way the heart beats, normalizing it to a large extent. However, it may not be suitable in patients suffering from kidney disorders, arthritis or a history of cardiac arrest. Contraindications like sweating, nausea etc must be reported immediately.

Rynacrom Nasal Spray: Rynacrom Nasal Spray is used for controlling and managing symptoms of allergic rhinitis, perennial or seasonal. Common symptoms include runny or itchy nose, sneezing, coughing and so on. The drug succeeds in minimizing the intensity of reactions to allergens, thus alleviating symptoms.

Other formulations sold across this online prescription service include, Rupafin, Rozerem, Rogaine, Romazicon, Rubenal, Rowasa, Rimso Solutions, Ridaura, Rhinocort Turbuhaler, Retrovir, Retin A Gel, Requip, Resolor and many more. In most circumstances, these formulations are made available in branded as well as generic forms.

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