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Nystatin/Triamcinolone Acetonide and/or equivalents
(Nystatin/Triamcinolone Acetonide)
Nystatin Topical and/or equivalents
Nystatin Oral and/or equivalents
Nystatin and/or equivalents
Nuvaring and/or equivalents
(Etonogestrel/ Ethinyl Estradiol)
Nutrizym 22 and/or equivalents
Nutrizym 10 and/or equivalents
Nurofen and/or equivalents
Novofine and/or equivalents
Novifit M for Dogs and/or equivalents
Novifit L for Dogs and/or equivalents
Novamax Glucose Test Strips and/or equivalents
(Novamax Glucose Test Strips)
Nourkin and/or equivalents
(Natural Marine Extracts)
Norvasc and/or equivalents
Norprolac and/or equivalents
Norpramin and/or equivalents
Norpace CR and/or equivalents
Norpace and/or equivalents
Noroxin and/or equivalents
Normodyne and/or equivalents
Noritate Cream and/or equivalents
Norflex and/or equivalents
Nordette and/or equivalents
(Ethinyl Estradiol/Levonorgestrel)
Nootropil Syrup and/or equivalents
Nootropil and/or equivalents
Nolvadex and/or equivalents
Nolvadent and/or equivalents
(Chlorhexidine Acetate)
Nizoral Dandruff Shampoo and/or equivalents
Nizoral Cream and/or equivalents
Nizoral and/or equivalents
Nitrostat and/or equivalents
Nitrolingual and/or equivalents
Nitrol Ointment and/or equivalents
Nitro Dur and/or equivalents
(Nitroglycerin Transdermal)
Nitoman and/or equivalents
Nipent and/or equivalents
Nimotop Infusion and/or equivalents
Nimotop and/or equivalents
Nilandron and/or equivalents
Nifedipine and/or equivalents
Nicorette Patch and/or equivalents
Nicorette Nasal Spray and/or equivalents
Nicorette Inhaler and/or equivalents
Nicorette Gum Original and/or equivalents
Nicorette Gum Mint and/or equivalents
Nicorette Gum Icy White and/or equivalents
Nicorette Gum Fresh Mint and/or equivalents
Nicorette Gum Fresh Fruit and/or equivalents
Nicorette (Fruit) and/or equivalents
(Nicotine Polacrilex)
Nicomide T Gel and/or equivalents
Nicoderm CQ Called Nicoderm Clear in Canada and/or equivalents
(Nicotine Patch)
Niaspan and/or equivalents
(Niacin Extended Release)
Niacor and/or equivalents
Nexium Sachets and/or equivalents
Nexium and/or equivalents
Nexavar and/or equivalents
Nevanac and/or equivalents
Neurontin and/or equivalents
Neupro and/or equivalents
Netromycin Injection and/or equivalents
Nesina and/or equivalents
Nephrocaps Softgels and/or equivalents
(Folic Acid/Vitamin B Complex with C)
Nephrocaps and/or equivalents
Neoral oral suspension and/or equivalents
Neoral and/or equivalents
Neomycin and/or equivalents
(Neomycin Sulfate)
Neevo DHA and/or equivalents
Necon 777 and/or equivalents
(Norethindrone/Ethinyl Estradiol)
Navoban and/or equivalents
Navane and/or equivalents
Natrilix SR and/or equivalents
Natazia and/or equivalents
(Dienogest/Estradiol Valerate)
Natacyn and/or equivalents
Nasonex Nasal Spray and/or equivalents
Nascobal Nasal Spray and/or equivalents
Nasarel and/or equivalents
Nasacort AQ Nasal Spray and/or equivalents
(Triamcinolone Acetonide)
Naprosyn Suspension and/or equivalents
Naprosyn SR and/or equivalents
Naprosyn E and/or equivalents
Naprosyn and/or equivalents
Naprelan and/or equivalents
(Naproxen Controlled Release)
Naphcon Forte and/or equivalents
Naphcon A and/or equivalents
Namenda Oral Drops and/or equivalents
Namenda and/or equivalents
Nalfon and/or equivalents
Nalcrom and/or equivalents
(Cromolyn Sodium)
Naftin and/or equivalents

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  • Nystatin/Triamcinolone Acetonide: This cream and ointment is prescribed for dermatologic use and contains antifungal agent Nystatin.
  • Nuvaring or Etonogesterel or Ethinyl Estradiol- is used as a contraceptive to prevent pregnancy.
  • Nutrizym 22- These capsules contain the active ingredient pancreatin which is a mixture of digestive enzymes normally released by the pancreas to digest food.

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