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cortisone acetate and/or equivalents
(Cortisone Acetate)
Cytoxan and/or equivalents
Cytovene and/or equivalents
Cytotec and/or equivalents
Cytomel and/or equivalents
Cymbalta and/or equivalents
Cyklokapron and/or equivalents
(Tranexamic Acid)
Cycloserine and/or equivalents
Cyclogyl and/or equivalents
Cyclocort and/or equivalents
Cyclessa and/or equivalents
(Desogestrel/Ethinyl Estradiol)
Cyclafem 777 and/or equivalents
(Norethindrone/Ethinyl Estradiol)
Cyanocobalamin and/or equivalents
Cutivate Ointment and/or equivalents
(Fluticasone Propionate)
Cutivate Cream and/or equivalents
(Fluticasone Propionate)
Curanail and/or equivalents
Cuprimine and/or equivalents
Cromolyn and/or equivalents
(Cromolyn Sodium)
Crixivan and/or equivalents
Crinone Gel and/or equivalents
Crestor and/or equivalents
Creon DR and/or equivalents
Creon 25 and/or equivalents
(Pancreatic Digestive Enzymes)
Creon 10 and/or equivalents
(Pancreatic Digestive Enzymes)
Cozaar and/or equivalents
Coveram and/or equivalents
Coumadin and/or equivalents
Cosopt Eye Drops and/or equivalents
Cosequin DS Chewables and/or equivalents
(Glucosamine Chrondroitin Sulfate)
Cosequin and/or equivalents
(Glucosamine Chrondroitin Sulfate)
Corzide and/or equivalents
Cortenema and/or equivalents
Cortef and/or equivalents
Corgard and/or equivalents
Coreg CR and/or equivalents
(Carvedilol CR)
Coreg and/or equivalents
Cordran Tape and/or equivalents
Cordarone and/or equivalents
Convenia and/or equivalents
Contour and/or equivalents
Condylox and/or equivalents
Comtan and/or equivalents
Complera and/or equivalents
Compazine and/or equivalents
Commit Lozenges and/or equivalents
Comfortis and/or equivalents
Combivir and/or equivalents
Combivent Respimat and/or equivalents
Combivent and/or equivalents
Combipatch and/or equivalents
Combigan and/or equivalents
Colestid Granules and/or equivalents
Colestid and/or equivalents
Colcrys and/or equivalents
Colazal and/or equivalents
Colace and/or equivalents
(Docusate Sodium)
Cogentin and/or equivalents
Coartem and/or equivalents
Clopixol Acuphase and/or equivalents
(Zuclopenthixol Acetate)
Clopixol and/or equivalents
Clomid and/or equivalents
Clomicalm and/or equivalents
Clobex and/or equivalents
(Clobetasol Propionate)
Clinoril and/or equivalents
Clinistix and/or equivalents
(Reagent Strips)
Clindamycin Injection and/or equivalents
(Clindamycin Phosphate)
Clindagel and/or equivalents
(Clindamycin Phosphate)
Clinacin and/or equivalents
(Clindamycin HCL)
Climara Pro and/or equivalents
Climara and/or equivalents
Cleocin Vaginal Cream and/or equivalents
(Clindamycin Phosphate)
Cleocin T and/or equivalents
(Clindamycin Phosphate)
Cleocin Lotion and/or equivalents
(Clindamycin Phosphate)
Cleocin Granules and/or equivalents
(Clindamycin Palmitate)
Cleocin Gel and/or equivalents
(Clindamycin Phoshate)
Cleocin and/or equivalents
Clavamox and/or equivalents
(amoxicillin trihydrate/clavulanate potassium)
Claritin Reditab and/or equivalents
Claritin Oral Syrup and/or equivalents
Claritin and/or equivalents
Clarinex Syrup and/or equivalents
Clarinex and/or equivalents
Claforan and/or equivalents
(Cefotaxime Sodium)
Civanex and/or equivalents
Citrucel and/or equivalents
(Methyl Cellulose)
Citracal D and/or equivalents
(Calcium Citrate/Vitamin D)
Ciprodex and/or equivalents
Cipro XR and/or equivalents
(Ciprofloxacin XL)
Cipro HC Ear Drops and/or equivalents
Cipro and/or equivalents
Cimetidine and/or equivalents
Ciloxan and/or equivalents
Cialis and/or equivalents
Chlorthalidone and/or equivalents
Chlorpropamide and/or equivalents
Chlorpromazine and/or equivalents
Chlorpheniramine and/or equivalents
Chantix and/or equivalents
Cetrotide Injection and/or equivalents
Cestex and/or equivalents
Cervarix and/or equivalents
Cerezyme and/or equivalents
Cerenia and/or equivalents
(Maropitant Citrate)
Cerefolin NAC and/or equivalents
Cerefolin and/or equivalents
Cerebyx and/or equivalents
Cerazette and/or equivalents
Ceraxon and/or equivalents
Cephradine and/or equivalents
Centrum and/or equivalents
Celontin and/or equivalents
Cellcept Oral Suspension and/or equivalents
(Mycophenolate Mofetil)
Cellcept and/or equivalents
(Mycophenolate Mofetil)
Celiprolol and/or equivalents
Celexa and/or equivalents
Celebrex and/or equivalents
Cefzil and/or equivalents
Ceftin Suspension and/or equivalents
Ceftin and/or equivalents
Cedax Suspension and/or equivalents
(Ceftibuten Dihydrate)
Cedax and/or equivalents
(Ceftibuten Dihydrate)
Ceclor Suspension and/or equivalents
Ceclor and/or equivalents
Catapres TTS Patch and/or equivalents
Catapres and/or equivalents
Cataflam and/or equivalents
(Diclofenac Potassium)
Casodex and/or equivalents
Cartia XT and/or equivalents
(Diltiazem ER)
Carnitor and/or equivalents
(Levocarnitine or L-Carnitine)
Carnitine and/or equivalents
(Levocarnitine or L-Carnitine)
Cardura XL and/or equivalents
(Doxazosin ER)
Cardura and/or equivalents
Cardizem SR and/or equivalents
(Diltiazem SR)
Cardizem LA and/or equivalents
(Diltiazem LA)
Cardizem CD and/or equivalents
(Diltiazem CD)
Cardizem and/or equivalents
Cardene SR and/or equivalents
(Nicardipine ER)
Cardene and/or equivalents
Carboflex Dressing and/or equivalents
(non-adhesive dressing with activated charcoal)
Carbinoxamine and/or equivalents
(Carbinoxamine Maleate)
Carbatrol ER and/or equivalents
(Carbamazepine ER)
Carafate and/or equivalents
Carac Cream and/or equivalents
Capstar and/or equivalents
Caprelsa and/or equivalents
Capozide and/or equivalents
Capoten and/or equivalents
Cantharone Plus and/or equivalents
(Cantharidin Collodion)
Canesten and/or equivalents
Cancidas and/or equivalents
(Caspofungin Acetate)
Canaural Otic Ear Drops and/or equivalents
Canasa and/or equivalents
Campral and/or equivalents
(Acamprosate Calcium)
Campath and/or equivalents
Camila and/or equivalents
Caltrate D and/or equivalents
(Calcium/Vitamin D3)
Caltrate and/or equivalents
Calcort and/or equivalents
Calcium Lactate and/or equivalents
(Calcium Lactate)
Calcionate Syrup and/or equivalents
(Calcium Glubionate)
Calan SR and/or equivalents
(Verapamil ER)
Calan and/or equivalents
Caduet and/or equivalents
CET Hextra and/or equivalents
CET Chews and/or equivalents

Best Price RX offers the generic Canada drugs and generic international drugs that are provided through affiliations with Canadian Pharmacies along with International Pharmacies and fulfilment centers.

But it is important to first understand the term generic drug. A generic drug is a cheaper alternative to the branded version which is normally more expensive. It is important to note that generic drugs contain the same active ingredients as the branded version of the drug (with the possible exception of a few minor ingredients).

Generic drugs and medicines too are manufactured under production and manufacturing guidelines that are set by the respective country’s government body or administration from which the respective generic drug is manufactured. This ensures that the quality of both a generic and branded drug is almost identical but without a brand name or the price tag that comes with it. There are minor ingredient variations between the branded medicines and the generic medicines, the latter only being appropriate for long-term medication as it helps to save money. The main variations between the branded and generic drugs include the colour or the differences in packaging of the tablet or capsule. Medicines such as Cutivate, Crestor and Creon 5 and several other medicines are available.

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