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Synthroid and/or equivalents
Synercid and/or equivalents
Synarel and/or equivalents
(Nafarelin Acetate)
Synalar Ointment and/or equivalents
Synalar Gel and/or equivalents
Synalar Cream and/or equivalents
Symmetrel and/or equivalents
Symbyax and/or equivalents
Symbicort and/or equivalents
Sutent and/or equivalents
(Sunitinib Malate)
Sustiva and/or equivalents
Surolan and/or equivalents
Surmontil and/or equivalents
Surgam SA and/or equivalents
(Tiaprofenic Acid)
Surgam and/or equivalents
(Tiaprofenic Acid)
Suprefact Nasal Spray and/or equivalents
Suprefact Injection and/or equivalents
Suprefact Depot 3 Months and/or equivalents
Suprefact Depot and/or equivalents
Suprax Suspension and/or equivalents
Suprax and/or equivalents
Sular and/or equivalents
Stugeron and/or equivalents
Stromectol and/or equivalents
Strattera and/or equivalents
Stendra and/or equivalents
Stelazine and/or equivalents
Stelara and/or equivalents
Staxyn ODT and/or equivalents
(Vardenafil ODT)
Stavzor and/or equivalents
(Valproic Acid)
Starlix and/or equivalents
Stalevo 75 and/or equivalents
Stalevo and/or equivalents
Stablon and/or equivalents
Sprycel and/or equivalents
Sporanox Solution and/or equivalents
Sporanox and/or equivalents
Spiriva and/or equivalents
Spectracef and/or equivalents
(Cefditoren Pivoxil)
Sovrima and/or equivalents
Sovaldi and/or equivalents
Soriatane and/or equivalents
Soolantra and/or equivalents
Solu Medrol Sterile Powder and/or equivalents
Solu Medrol and/or equivalents
Solu Cortef and/or equivalents
(Hydrocortisone Sodium Succinate)
Soltamox Oral Solution and/or equivalents
(Tamoxifen Citrate)
Soloxine and/or equivalents
Solodyn ER and/or equivalents
(Minocycline ER)
Solodyn and/or equivalents
Soliris and/or equivalents
Solian and/or equivalents
Solaraze Gel and/or equivalents
Solaquin Forte and/or equivalents
Solage Topical and/or equivalents
Slow K and/or equivalents
(Potassium Chloride)
Slo Niacin CR and/or equivalents
(Niacin ER)
Slentrol and/or equivalents
Skunk off Deodorant Shampoo and/or equivalents
Skelid and/or equivalents
(Tiludronate Disodium)
Skelaxin and/or equivalents
Sintrom and/or equivalents
Singulair Granules and/or equivalents
Singulair Chewable and/or equivalents
Singulair and/or equivalents
Sinequan and/or equivalents
Sinemet CR and/or equivalents
(Levodopa/Carbidopa ER)
Sinemet and/or equivalents
Simcor and/or equivalents
Silvadene and/or equivalents
(Silver Sulfadiazine)
Silenor and/or equivalents
(Doxepin HCL)
Sibelium and/or equivalents
Sialor and/or equivalents
Serzone and/or equivalents
Seroquel XR and/or equivalents
(Quetiapine XR)
Seroquel and/or equivalents
Serophene and/or equivalents
Serevent inhaler and/or equivalents
Serevent Diskus and/or equivalents
Seresto and/or equivalents
Serentil and/or equivalents
Serdolect and/or equivalents
Serc and/or equivalents
Sentinel and/or equivalents
(Milbemycin Oxime/Lufenuron)
Sensipar and/or equivalents
Sectral and/or equivalents
Seasonique and/or equivalents
(Levonorgestrel/Ethinyl Estradiol)
Scarlet and/or equivalents
Savella and/or equivalents
Saphris and/or equivalents
Sansert and/or equivalents
Sandrena Gel and/or equivalents
Sandomigran DS and/or equivalents
Sandomigran and/or equivalents
Sanctura XR and/or equivalents
(Trospium ER)
Sanctura and/or equivalents
Samsca and/or equivalents
Salflex and/or equivalents
Salagen and/or equivalents
Safyral and/or equivalents
(Drospirenone/Ethinyl Estradiol/Levomefolate Calcium)
Sabril and/or equivalents

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Some Prominent Brand Name Medications on Best Price RX

Synthroid: Synthroid works as a replacement for a hormone that is normally produced by the thyroid gland. This hormone is responsible for regulating the metabolic rate and the energy levels for the body. It is basically administered in patients suffering from hypothyroidism.

Synercid: This one is a complex formulation that is prescribed for life threatening bacterial infections. Primarily, it is an antibiotic that treats blood infections.

Synarel: This formulation is akin to a manmade protein or hormonal supplement that is used in regulating menstrual cycles, sexual development on puberty as well as fertility. It can be administered to both male and female patients.

Other prominent formulations included on this page are Synalar solution, gel and ointment, Symmetrel, Symbyax, Symbicort, Sutent, Sustiva, Surolan, Surmontil and so on. Most of these drugs are made available in their branded as well as generic form, at affordable prices.

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